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A limited red vinyl repressing of this 1981 high-quality studio compilation album produced by Richard Kelly (Modern Masters Music) and featuring several of the jazz-punk-DIY-situationist bands that were born at Club Foot, San Francisco's premier artist-run venue of the 1980s: the LONGSHOREMEN, the ALTERBOYS, NAKED CITY, BAY OF PIGS, and the CLUB FOOT ORCHESTRA (augmented for this recording by the HIEROGLYPHICS ENSEMBLE). Critically acclaimed (count raves by author Greil Marcus among others), this has gotta be one of the more original and entertaining bunch of weirdos ever recorded. Yes, it is possible to experiment and have fun at the same time, and here's the proof. And yes, that is a young Richard Edson on the cover, one of the original Club Foot founders before he moved back to New York and got famous. Numbered pressing of 450 copies, original artwork and fold-out packaging, with wacky new insert. Read More

A collision between Terry Riley's "In C" and the Carla Bley Band new wave sensibility. – Dean Suzuki (Op magazine)
A unique document of San Francisco's post punk art rock underground. Sort of a parallel to No New York, but with much more relaxed, Berkeley, 1750 Arch/Mills College vibes. – Karl Ikola/Anopheles Records

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Longshoremen – What Does It All Mean?

Alterboys – Frank Sinatra